Blebox - switchBox 3kW


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    The BB006 BleBox SwitchBox 3kW is a versatile device that revolutionizes the way you control your electrical appliances and lighting. With its smart features and seamless integration, it offers convenience, energy efficiency, and automation for your home or business.

    The SwitchBox allows you to remotely control your electrical devices and lights from your smartphone or tablet. Simply connect your appliances or lighting fixtures to the SwitchBox, and you'll have the power to turn them on or off with a tap on the dedicated mobile app. No more worries about leaving appliances running or lights on when you're away - you can control them from anywhere, anytime.

    One of the key features of the BleBox SwitchBox is its energy monitoring capability. It provides real-time energy consumption data for each connected device, allowing you to track and optimize your energy usage. With this information, you can make informed decisions to reduce energy waste and lower your electricity bills.

    The SwitchBox also supports scheduling and automation, enabling you to create custom scenarios and routines for your appliances and lights. Set timers to turn on/off devices at specific times or create automation rules based on triggers such as motion detection or sunrise/sunset. Experience the convenience and energy savings that automation brings to your daily life.

    Installation is straightforward, and the SwitchBox is compatible with a wide range of electrical devices and lighting systems. It seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, providing a seamless and user-friendly control solution.

    Upgrade your home or business with the BB006 BleBox SwitchBox and enjoy the convenience, energy efficiency, and automation it brings to your electrical appliances and lighting.