Blebox - shutterBox DIN


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    The BB008 Blebox ShutterBox DIN is a versatile and efficient DIN rail-mounted controller designed for controlling roller shutters, blinds, and other motorized window coverings. With its compact size and DIN rail compatibility, it seamlessly integrates into your electrical panel or distribution box, providing a centralized control solution for your window automation.

    The BB008 Blebox ShutterBox DIN supports various control modes, including up, down, stop, and intermediate positions, allowing you to precisely adjust the position of your roller shutters or blinds. It also offers advanced features such as automatic sun tracking and wind protection, ensuring optimal functionality and protection for your window coverings.

    With its wireless connectivity and compatibility with popular smart home systems, the BB008 Blebox ShutterBox DIN enables convenient control and automation of your window coverings. You can easily schedule opening and closing times, integrate it with other smart devices, and control it remotely through a smartphone app or voice commands.