D&D LokkLatch General Purpose Gate Lock w/ External Access Kit - LLAAB


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    The D&D LokkLatch General Purpose Gate Lock with External Access Kit (LLAAB) is a versatile and secure gate locking solution suitable for a wide range of applications. This complete kit includes the LokkLatch gate lock and an external access kit, providing convenience and enhanced security.

    The LokkLatch gate lock features a unique, patented design that ensures reliable operation and prevents jamming. It is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity even in outdoor environments. The lock can be easily installed on new or existing gates, providing a secure locking mechanism.

    The external access kit allows for key access from the outside of the gate, providing convenience and flexibility. It includes a key cylinder, keys, and a mounting plate, allowing authorized individuals to unlock the gate from the outside using a key.

    The D&D LokkLatch General Purpose Gate Lock with External Access Kit is designed for easy installation and operation. It offers adjustable vertical and horizontal alignment, making it suitable for various gate configurations. The lock is also key-lockable from both sides, ensuring security from both the inside and outside.


    • Tough, polymer construction
    • Key lockable latch
    • Stainless steel tongue
    • One versatile model
    • ISO 9001 manufacturer
    • Engineered for easy installation
    • Optional "External Access Kit" included


    • Strong & 100% rust free
    • No more padlocks
    • Reliable latching action
    • Fits all gate materials
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Quick & easy to install
    • Open from outside the gate