D&D Series 3 Top Pull Magna latch and Tru close Hinges kit


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    The D&D Series 3 Top-Pull MagnaLatch and Tru-Close Hinges Kit is a comprehensive solution for securing and enhancing the functionality of your gate. This kit includes the D&D Series 3 Top-Pull MagnaLatch, a high-quality magnetic latch designed for reliable and self-latching gate closure. Additionally, it includes the Tru-Close Hinges, which offer smooth and adjustable closing tension for optimal gate performance. The combination of the MagnaLatch and Tru-Close Hinges ensures both security and convenience for your gate. Upgrade your gate system with the D&D Series 3 Top-Pull MagnaLatch and Tru-Close Hinges Kit.

    Kit Inlcudes

    1 x MagnaLatch Top Pull Gate Latch (Series 3)
    2 x TruClose Gate Hinges (adjustable)

    Magna Latch Top Pull Series 3

    • New at-a-glance Lock Indicator

    • Re-keyable lock for extra security & convenience

    • Magnetic latching always engages, can’t jam

    • Easy installation, with no special tools

    • Fits to metal and wood gates

    • Trusted to protect toddlers for over 25 years

    • Meets Australian Standards for pool safety

    • Millions sold worldwide

    TruClose – Regular models

    • Adjustable, self-closing tension from either end

    • Optional clip-on decorative trim covers

    • No visible fasteners

    • 40% stronger than earlier models

    • Super-strong polymer construction and stainless steel components means no rust or corrosion

    • Unique D&D-patented adjustment