BFT Motor - Deimos ULTRA 600 Kit (Solar) - Sliding Gate Motor Kit


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    The GMSG606 BFT Motor Deimos Ultra 600 Kit Solar is a comprehensive motor kit designed for sliding gates, specifically optimized for solar power operation. This kit features the BFT Deimos Ultra 600 model, known for its advanced features, durability, and energy-efficient design. It is suitable for residential and commercial sliding gates and offers reliable and efficient gate automation.

    The kit includes all the necessary components, such as the motor, solar panel, control panel, receiver, and safety features, to ensure a complete and sustainable automated gate system. The solar power capability allows you to harness renewable energy and reduce your reliance on traditional power sources.

    With the GMSG606 BFT Motor Deimos Ultra 600 Kit Solar, you can enjoy the convenience of automated gate operation while benefiting from the eco-friendly and cost-saving advantages of solar power. The advanced features of the Deimos Ultra 600 model, combined with solar power efficiency, make it a reliable and efficient solution for your sliding gate automation needs.

    Maximum Gate Weights

    Holds gates up to 600kg

    Kit Includes

    • 1 x DEIMOS  BT ULTRA A600 Slide Gate Motor

    • 3 x BFT Mitto 4 Channel Transmitters

    • 4 x 1m Heavy Duty 6 lugs Gear Rack

    • 1 x Solar Kit 10W smart solar panel and 2 batteries