Locinox Swing Gate Hinge 180° Double bearing hinge - DINO - Black / Each


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    The Locinox Swing Gate Hinge 180 is a high-quality hinge designed for swing gates. With its double bearing construction, this hinge offers smooth and effortless gate operation. The Dino Black finish adds a sleek and stylish touch to your gate while providing durability and corrosion resistance. Each hinge is sold individually, allowing you to customize the number of hinges based on your gate's needs. Upgrade your swing gate with the  Locinox Swing Gate Hinge 180 for reliable and visually appealing gate hardware.

    Holds gates up to 1.5 metres and 150kg weight

    Locinox DINO Hinge Features:

    • 180° opening angle.
    • Features 2 Stainless Steel Bearings.
    • Designed for gates up to 4 ft wide and 330 lbs.
    • Works on both left and right hand opening gates.
    • Aesthetic design features choice of Black or Silver powder-coated aluminum casing.
    • Easy mounting thanks to the included Quick-Fix mounting hardware.
    • Mounting hardware designed to prohibit theft and vandalism.
    • 13/16" (20mm) of built in height adjustment.
    • 13/16" (20mm) of built in horizontal adjustment.
    • Gap allowance from 9/16" to 1-3/8".