DIY Sliding Gate Complete kit for V wheels internal 90mm double bearing with 2 x 3M V tracks


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    DIY Sliding Gate Complete kit for  V wheels internal 90mm double bearing with 2 x 3M V tracks

    These high-quality kits are perfect for setting up your new sliding gate. This kit includes 2x 3m length tracks and internal wheels with a diameter of 60mm. These kits come with everything else mentioned below and can be installed easily. Please keep in mind that you are ordering enough track. You need to have double the amount of track to the size of your gate.


    - Gate Stopper 120mm with rubber 

    -Two Guide Rollers and Bracket. Two adjustable nylon rollers with a zinc plated mounting bracket 

    -Two 90mm internal Wheels. Italian double bearing and rated to carry 180kg 

    -Sliding Gate Holder. This holds a gate up to 50mm thick and has adjustable height and position attached at the closing end of the gate 

    -Track fasteners- Zipfix. These track fasteners are neat and simple to use. Just drill these through the concrete and hit the nail with a hammer. The aluminium sock will expand once it is in place. 

    -Each 3 meter length of floor track has 16 holes. They are 3mm thick and made from galvanized steel. Galvanised steel tracks are able to withstand daily use in high traffic areas. 

    -With each 2 lengths of track we supply a track joiner which is made from aluminum and is hollow which allows you to run a wire under the track if you need.

    Gatesplus Hardware supply DIY Sliding gate kit includes the Sliding Gate component gate Frame, Post, Wheels, track and if required a Low voltage motor kit for 12V DC or 24V DC  for gates from 400kg -1500 kg, Melbourne, VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, TAS, WA.

    Please note: Free shipping for Metro area only, for Remote rural area extra freight cost may applied.

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