DIY Sliding Gate Kit-90mm External Wheel Double bearing 2 Tracks for Picket Top or Uneven ground Gates


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    The Kit25 DIY Sliding Gate Kit is designed for picket top or uneven ground gates, providing a comprehensive solution for easy installation of sliding gates. Featuring 90mm external wheels with double bearings and two tracks, this kit ensures smooth and reliable gate operation. It is specifically designed to accommodate gates with picket tops or on uneven ground, offering convenience and functionality. Whether for residential or commercial applications, the Kit25 DIY Sliding Gate Kit delivers durability and versatility.

    Kit includes
    Steel Sliding Gate block holder size 280x80x26mm for 75mm Sliding Block- powder coated Black x1
    Sliding Gate Track Fasteners Zipfix 40mm x 6mm - Each x48
    Galv Steel Sliding Gate Stopper with Base Plate Floor mount Height 120mm x1
    Galvanised steel U Groove Above Ground Floor Track for Sliding Gates 3 Meters    x2
    Sliding Gate Wheel U Groove 90mm External Double bearing x2   
    Sliding Block for Sliding Gate Nylon Guide size 75mm Black x1
    50mm Sliding Gate Holder with Rubber x1