Centsys D5 Evo 12V DC - Sliding Gate Motor Complete Kit


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    The MOT010 Centurion Centsys D5 Evo 12V DC Complete Kit is a comprehensive package designed to provide everything you need for a reliable and efficient gate automation system. This kit includes all the necessary components to automate your gate and enhance its security and convenience.

    The D5 Evo is a renowned sliding gate motor from Centurion Systems, known for its durability and superior performance. It operates on a 12V DC power supply, making it suitable for various gate applications. The motor is designed to handle gates weighing up to 500 kilograms, providing smooth and reliable operation.

    The complete kit includes the following components:

    1. D5 Evo Sliding Gate Motor: The motor is the heart of the automation system and is responsible for opening and closing the gate. The D5 Evo motor offers advanced features such as battery backup, onboard receiver, and intelligent speed control.

    2. 4-Meter Nylon Rack: The nylon rack is used to attach to the gate and allows smooth movement along the motor's gear.

    3. Two Four-Button Remotes: The kit includes two four-button remotes for convenient gate control from a distance. These remotes allow you to open, close, and stop the gate with ease.

    4. 12V 7Ah Battery: The battery serves as a backup power source in case of a power outage, ensuring uninterrupted gate operation.

    5. Theft-Resistant Cage: The theft-resistant cage provides additional security by preventing unauthorized access to the motor.

    6. Mounting Hardware: The kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware for easy and secure installation of the motor and other components.

    The MOT010 Centurion Centsys D5 Evo 12V DC Complete Kit offers a reliable and comprehensive solution for automating your sliding gate. It combines the robust D5 Evo motor with essential accessories for enhanced functionality and convenience. Whether you are securing your residential or commercial property, this kit provides a reliable and efficient gate automation system.

    Maximum Gate Weights

    Holds gates up to 500kg