Blebox gateBox Pro - Gate Controller Pro


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    The BleBox GateBox Pro Gate Controller Pro is an advanced and feature-rich device designed to streamline and enhance your gate automation experience. This professional-grade gate controller offers an array of advanced functionalities to automate and manage your gate system efficiently.

    With the GateBox Pro, you can effortlessly control your gate operations using your smartphone or tablet through the dedicated mobile app. Enjoy seamless integration with your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to incorporate your gate into your overall automation setup. The controller supports various gate types, including swing gates and sliding gates, and is compatible with a wide range of gate motors and accessories.

    Featuring advanced security features, the BleBox GateBox Pro offers secure access control, event logging, and monitoring capabilities, ensuring the safety and security of your premises. The controller also provides scheduling options, allowing you to program specific gate actions at predefined times.