Box of 50 - Swing Gate Steel D-Latch and Striker - Black


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    The Swing Gate Steel D-Latch and Striker in black is a robust and reliable latch system designed for swing gates. It provides a secure and convenient way to lock and unlatch gates, ensuring the safety and privacy of your property.

    This latch set includes a D-latch and a striker plate, both made from durable steel with a black finish. The D-latch features a sturdy handle that provides a comfortable grip for easy operation. The striker plate is designed to be mounted on the gate post and securely holds the latch in place when the gate is closed.

    The D-latch and striker set is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It is designed to withstand heavy use and can handle the demands of frequent gate opening and closing. The black finish adds a sleek and modern look to your gate, complementing any style of outdoor decor.

    Installation of the latch and striker is straightforward, and all necessary mounting hardware is included. The adjustable design allows for precise alignment of the latch and striker, ensuring a secure fit. The latch can be easily operated from both sides of the gate, providing convenience and ease of use.